Fundraisers & School Events


Tropical Paradise Shave Ice is proud to support the communities in which we operate. The Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Program Fundraiser Program is another way to be involved in the community and to support not-for-profit organizations.

What is a Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser?

A Tropical Paradise Shave Iced Fundraiser is a fundraiser where Tropical Paradise Shave Ice donates to non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations must have a valid tax ID number or 501c. The fundraising event takes place at your locations. The benefiting organization will promote the Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser to community members. The organization will receive 20% of the sales (excluding tax and gratuity) from the organizations guests when the event voucher is presented.

Who Can Participate?

Ideal Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser partners are organizations that strengthen families, promote a safe, nurturing environment for children and youth and emphasize student academic and physical achievement. We also support other type of Nonprofits as well. Please contact us about your event. Tropical Paradise Shave Ice donations are NOT intended to be used by individuals or groups collecting personal or corporate profit, or causes that are in contrast to our family-based values. Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser participants must be a non-profit with a valid tax ID number.

Application Submission & Criteria

Review the following guidelines and complete the Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser application. If your organization meets the Tropical Paradise Shave Iced Fundraiser criteria, complete theapplication must be submitted to Tropical Paradise Shave Ice a minimum of four weeks in advance of requested Tropical Paradise Shave Iced Fundraiser. Due to limited availability, schedule as far in advance as possible so that we can do our best to accommodate your fundraiser.

There will be a $300 per hour/2-hour minimum (approximately 200 pre-sale tickets) for any fundraiser.

For the purpose of extending realistic expectations, if the Tropical Paradise Shave Iced Fundraiser brings in $1000 (excluding tax and gratuity), the 20% donation would be $200 to the organization.

Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser Donation Formula: Estimated attendance x $3 (average sale) = Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser Sales x .20 (20%) equals the Tropical Paradise Shave Iced Fundraiser.

Tropical Paradise Shave Iced provides:

The fun and casual atmosphere that we always offer for the organization’s fans, friends and family to enjoy!

We will supply a Customized PDF flyers with our artwork for your event and vouchers (use scissors to make vertical cuts on dotted lines so vouchers can be torn off) approximately two weeks prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the organization to print and distribute the promotional flyers and event vouchers via email to their supporters. For a successful fundraiser, distribution of at least 500 flyers is recommended.

A statement with the donation amount emailed to the organization approximately one week after the event.

We will mail the donation check approximately one week after the event.

The Organization Provides:

Completed application with a valid tax ID number. Promotion of event, printing and distribution of flyers and vouchers or email distribution of the promotional material to their constituents.

Planning Tips

Personally delivering flyers and chatting about the event is by far the best way to get people to come to your Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser. Friends, family and Volunteers are the perfect resource for this type of event. Encourage them to hand the flyers out at work, meetings, etc. Send out press releases and public service announcements to local newspapers, radio stations and television stations.

Set realistic expectations. Consider the dollar amount of funds you want to receive from the fundraiser. For example, if you want to earn $160, your organization needs to bring in $800 in sales. If the average guest spends $3, approximately 267 people will need to participate in the fundraiser to reach your goal.

Promote, Promote, Promote. Ultimately, the enthusiasm of the organization’s members to promote the event is the biggest factor in success.

Distributing flyers to your supporters 2–3 weeks in advance is optimal. You will receive electronic versions of the Tropical Paradise Shave Iced Fundraiser flyer and event vouchers two weeks in advance of your scheduled event so you have enough time to print and/or email. Display the flyers provided at your organization’s meeting location and other community locations (with permission).

Remember email is a cost effective way to promote your event. Be sure you instruct the recipient to print the event voucher to bring with them the day of the event.

Please use the verbiage from the flyer in any communications about the fundraiser. It should be clear that the event does not discount meals; it simply raises funds for your group.

Utilize any print materials you already have. Stuff the flyers in the newsletters or magazines already set to go out. Take advantage of any opportunity to announce your Tropical Paradise Shave Ice Fundraiser to groups willing to support your cause (i.e. group sporting events, PTA meetings, etc.).

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